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Dental Labo Vanderbeken is an established name in the dental world.
We provide products and services in Belgium, the Netherlands and neighbouring countries.

Dental Labo Vanderbeken is a proud and respected family business with 40 years of experience thanks to your loyalty.

Dental Labo Vanderbeken can look back on a rich history of innovation and continuous growth.

Historical overview


Gerland Vanderbeken sets up his own laboratory in Gistel (West Flanders - Belgium). After a few years, the laboratory takes up almost his entire private house. There is a need for a new lab...


A new laboratory is built in the Ostend Industrial Zone with the possibility of further expansion.


Digitalisation is developing rapidly and the CADCAM department needs more space. The lab is expanded to cover an area of 1,000m².


The lab is expanding rapidly. The ceramic department and the crown and bridge department are relocated. The lab is further expanded to 1,500 m².

Cooperation with the Dutch market for frames and milled bars expands rapidly.

Seung Hee Vanderbeken joins Dental Labo Vanderbeken and ensures the continuity of the family business into the second generation.


The company Innodema was founded in order to provide an answer to the rapid evolution in digitalisation. Innodema stands for Innovative Dental Manufacturing. This company is now the centre of expertise with regard to digital scanning, digital design and digital production on behalf of Dental Labo Vanderbeken..


Dental Labo Boddez in Kortrijk (West Flanders - Belgium) is taken over by Dental Labo Vanderbeken and this has further strengthened Dental Labo Vanderbeken's services and dental technology in West Flanders (Belgium).


Dental Labo Vanderbeken Ghent - Zwijnaarde (East Flanders - Belgium) opens its doors. This satellite lab serves the same purpose as the lab in Kortrijk, i. e. to offer maximum service to customers in and around Ghent.


Innodema is developing into a full-scale milling centre. The full integration of Innodema within the Dental Labo Vanderbeken Group is realised with an expansion of 1,000 m² extra floor space.


Dental Labo Vanderbeken is 40 years! More than ever we are digitalising the lab: full digital products, aligners, digital denture, customised abutments, ... Labo Vanderbeken is also official dealer of the Medit intra oral scanners and the HeyGears 3D printers. With a solid supportservice, we can fully support our customers in digitalising their practice. Digital innovation is our future!


The establishment in Kortrijk closes its doors. Due to the extensive machinepark in Oostende, it is decided to localise everything in our headquarters. All services will be centralised in Ostend, where we continue to work together to digitalise our production.