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InnoLign - Aligners InnoLign - Aligners

What are Aligners?

A thin, fully transparent and customised mould with a thickness of 0.75 mm that fits perfectly on the dental arch, allowing small corrections to be made to the teeth. Aligners are made of fine, thermoplastic transparent material, which means they are barely visible to others when being worn.
A personalised 3D treatment plan is drawn up using a dental impression or digital mouth scan, X-rays and extra-oral photographs. After approval, the patient receives a set of several aligners to wear and wich are to be changed after a set period of time. The Aligners are pushed over the teeth and due to the flexible material - whether or not in combination with attachments on the teeth - it is possible to create a certain movement of elements or groups and thus guide the teeth into a predetermined position.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE                      

STEP 1: Order via online customer site Dental Link.
The following items must be sent with the application:

  • Digital mouth scan or impressions
  • Extra- and intraoral, clinical pictures
  • OPG (Panoramic X-ray)
  • Fill-in document containing correct information.

STAP 2: Drawing up a treatment plan.

Reception of treatment plan with 3D viewer via Dental Link after 3 business days

STAP 3: Approval of treatment plan.

Submit plan approval via Dental Link. Is the plan not to your satisfaction? Give your comments and we will provide a new treatment plan.

STAP 4: Production aligners.

Delivery of the aligners: 14 business days after approval.

STAP 5: Placement aligners.


  • Perfect fit. Aligners are designed digitally and due to their perfect fit and the light acrylic material, they are perfectly aligned with the patient's teeth.
  • Transparent. Due to the thin and transparent material, to the observer it is hardly noticeable that the patient has an aligner in his or her mouth. You can laugh freely!
  • High level of comfort and ease of use. The patient can easily follow the treatment plan by following a few simple instructions.
  • Hygienic. An aligner can be very easily inserted and removed and can be thoroughly cleaned, unlike a traditional treatment method. This reduces the amount of food scraps retained and therefore less tooth decay. No bad breath either!
  • Predictable outcome. The digital design shows the planned tooth movement even before treatment has started, allowing both dentist and patient to see the intended final result in advance.
  • Maximum wearing comfort. The material of an aligner is very thin compared to the blocks used for a traditional brace, which may cause small sores and blister. This is avoided with Clear Aligner because of its soft material and tight fit.
  • Relatively short treatment time. Traditional orthodontics often takes 2-3 years, while treatment with aligners often takes only between 4 and 18 months, depending on the complexity of the case.



Not recommended
Spacing Deviating diameter >2mm
Moderate crowding Very deep bite
Cass II subdiv. 1&2 (canine tooth correction only) Serious skeletal open bite
Deep bite <2 mm intrusion front and/or extrusion side Severe crowding
Cass III basic alignement for surgical treatments. Skeletal Cass III cases
Frontal open bite corrections <2 mm front extrusie Underbite
Extraction of a lower incisor <2 mm closing Posterior crossbite (only with additional techniques)
Moderate frontal crossbite Class II molar corrections (less than 2 mm)



After treatment, a retention wire in the frontal area is recommended, as well as an orthodontic retainer with a thickness of 1.5mm, for at least 1 year. After this, wearing the nightguard can be reduced to 1 night per week for as long as necessary.


The cost of treatment with aligners depends on the patient's preferences.
In the event of complex cases, you can decide to carry out the treatment in two phases.
In the first phase, only half of the aligners are supplied.
After the first phase, you can decide to have the second half of aligners produced according to the original design, or you can opt for a completely new design for the second phase, free of charge. Simple cases with a limited number of aligners are more price-friendly, because there is a clear and straightforward price for each required aligner.
Prices Clear Aligners 


All necessary equipment for the fitting and use of the aligners can be ordered from the laboratory. Send the order form below to our contact person and we will take the necessary steps.
Please make sure to take note of our instructions during the patient's treatment!



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