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Dental Labo Vanderbeken offers disposable acrylic impression trays.
These trays, both dentulous and edentulous are similar to the metal Schreinemakers trays.

Request your Borderlock Impression trays here.

You make a one-off investment in a set of dentulous and edentulous impression trays at an introductory price. As soon as you have used the trays we will immediately replace each used tray with an identical new one.

Advantages for the dentist

  • No more investment in new trays.
  • You always have at your disposal a complete set.
  • A new hygienic tray for each patient.
  • The tray can be customised to suit any oral situation.
  • In some cases, the dentist can save on an individual tray and on treatment time.

The Borderlock impression trays are similar to the Schreinemakers metal trays and comply with the requirements of a precision print such as tray stability, anatomical fit and pressure application. .

The Borderlock impression trays can be easily customised by hand because they are made of Biopearl acrylic and can be shaped accordingly. This thermoplastic material becomes flexible when immersed in hot water and can therefore be easily adjusted. Once the tray has been customised, it becomes fully hardened again. .

1. Select a suitable impression tray.
2. Immerse the tray in hot water.
3. Shape the tray as required and then cool it down using cold water.
4. Use sufficient adhesive coating to ensure that the impression material is firmly held in place.