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This department handles its own in-house digital production which is commissioned by Dental Labo Vanderbeken.

The synergy between an industrial milling process and dental technology enables us to deliver a product that fully meets the dentist's and patient's needs..

The rapid development in the field of digitalisation is centralised and closely monitored at Innodema..

All digital activities are centralised at Innodema - Innovative Dental Manufacturing - in order to cope with the rapid developments in dental technology. Within this department, all know-how with regard to digital scanning, digital design and digital production was concentrated on behalf of Dental Labo Vanderbeken.

Innodema is also the knowledge hub for innovative technologies such as digital printing.


It all starts with the digitilisation of models and impressions using industrial and semi-industrial scanners, depending on the application. This department also imports the digital prints, which are sent to us directly by the dentist.


Then, in the CAD department (Computer Aided Design), which uses several different software programmes, a design is made of structures such as an Ostend Bridge, a lower structure for crown and bridge work, a screw retained bridge or a full anatomical crown.


The design is then sent to the CAM department (Computer Aided Manufacturing) where a machine is programmed for milling. Finally, the appropriate material is selected and the work piece is sent to the relevant milling machine.

Innodema employs highly qualified employees for the development of new products. New implant platforms are developed, implemented and extensively tested before they are approved for production. Here we use professional measuring instruments and calibration equipment.

The entire production process from planning, scanning, design, milling to finishing is supervised internally by Dental Labo Vanderbeken. In this way we can guarantee a flawless end product.