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Dental Labo Vanderbeken is committed to an efficient working cooperation…

The digital order form was developed to keep a close track of the progress of the work pieces between the lab and the dentist via one single online platform..

Digital order form

The advantages of the digital order form

  • All communication is done via one online platform.
  • Clear and orderly procedure of the work flow of your orders.
  • The use of mandatory fields such as delivery date, colour, material, ... ensure that the work is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • The ideal tool for sending digital scans or designs.
  • Photographs or drawings can be uploaded and sent together with your digital form.
  • Your work piece is automatically passed on to the courier (unless fully digital design).
  • The delivery date of current work pieces in progress can be tracked.
  • A clear overview of all completed and invoiced orders, free of charge.

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