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Customised sports braces Customised sports braces

Why choose a customised sports brace?

Some sports entail risks such as dental damage. Therefore it is wise to protect your teeth. Each set of teeth is unique and deserves a customised solution. Our mouth guards are customised. Therefore, they have a perfect fit and offer excellent protection. Sports braces are usually only fitted for the upper jaw. In exceptional circumstances, it can also be fitted for the lower jaw.

5 good reasons to wear a sports brace:

  • Reduces the risk of concussion.
  • Prevents damage to gums, lips, salivary glands and blood vessels.
  • Protects teeth from breakage or other damage.
  • Excellent protection due to a perfect fit.

For which sports activities are mouth guards recommended?

A sports brace is recommended for the following sports: field and ice hockey, indoor and outdoor football, all martial arts, korfball, handball, basketball, rugby and water polo. It is also recommended for skateboarding, roller-skating and mountain biking.

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  • Sports brace Playsafe Light (4mm soft)
    For children and young adults at football, handball, skateboarding, basketball, skiing, mountain biking, roller skating, ... as well as martial arts, both recreational and competitive.
  • Sports brace Playsafe Triple Light (4.1mm soft-hard-soft)
    For adults for all kinds of sports and recreational martial arts:
    hockey, water polo, polo, rugby, judo, ...
  • Sports brace Playsafe Triple (5.5mm soft-hard-soft)
    For adults for all kinds of sports and competitive martial arts:
    boxing, Thai and kickboxing, karate, ...

Advice when making an impression.

It is highly recommended to make the impression by using an individual impression tray.
Alginate impressions may show defects which may cause deformations, e.g. pressure points. There must be a dynamic print: the fold must always be visible in the impression as well as the complete palate, all tendons and muscles. A lower impression is also necessary.

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