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Innodema Intra Oral Scanbodies Innodema Intra Oral Scanbodies

Dental Labo Vanderbeken strives for simplicity!
We now give you the opportunity to purchase a number of scanbodies of your choice in a handy, autoclavable set.


  • 1 set
  • 1 brand
  • Different implanttypes
  • All prosthetic indications


  • The Titanium scanbodies are radio-opake and sterilizable.
  • The article number is mentioned on the scanbody and can be viewed with a magnifying glass.
  • Supplied overview to quickly identify implant types.
  • Perfect scannability due to anodised surface. No scanning spray needed!
  • The scanbodies are provided with a high emissivity profile, which gives them a large visible scanning surface.
  • Cashback system with implant works.

  • Order your Innodema Scanbodyset here!

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