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Ostend Bridge Ostend Bridge

‘The alternative for a screw retained bridge.


The advantages for this unique concept...

  • Keep it simple.
  • Predictable results.
  • No compromise on retention and stability.
  • Adjustable retention.
  • Affordable price

The “Ostend Bridge” is a removable bridge, fully supported by a telescopically milled bar construction, on a minimum of 4 implants. Both the bar construction and the secondary bridge structure are simultaneously designed and milled in Titanium.

Ostend Bridge... the perfect synergy between Innodema and Vanderbeken.
The entire process from design to finishing is carried out in our own lab.


  • The patient experiences the effect of a bridge because of a free palate.
  • The removable bridge and implants are easy to clean.
  • Less risk off phonetic problems.
  • More aesthetic possibilities with the option of lip filling.
  • The retention can be set according to the patient's needs by using the various Ostend Bridge gliders.
  • The Ostend Bridge increases the patient's comfort.
  • Affordable solution in a single comprehensive package.


  • The procedure is straightforward and predictable.
  • There are fewer restrictions in case of bone loss compared to a screw retained construction.
  • The concept is flexible in terms of the position and alignment of the implants.
  • The Ostend Bridge is an open concept suitable for all implant systems.