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Innodema Full Digital Products Innodema Full Digital Products

An efficient, quick and digital workflow !


  • Simplified communication with Dental Labo Vanderbeken
  • Technical advise and design by Dental Labo Vanderbeken
  • Full anatomic milled structures on control models, delivered by Innodema.

    • Full digital try-in crown without model
    • Full digital full Zirkonium crown
    • Full digital Lithium Disilicate crown
    • Full digital Full Zirkonium implant crown
      • On Innodema customised titanium anodised abutment.
      • On Inno Ti-base
    • Full digital Lithium Disilicate crown
      • On Innodema customised Titanium anodised abutment
      • On Inno Ti-base
    • Full digital splint without model
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