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Innodema Temp Bridge Innodema Temp Bridge

What is an Innodema Temp Bridge?

An Innodema Temp Bridge is a reinforcement milled in one single piece for temporary screw retained bridges.

The advantages of this milled construction:

  • Fast delivery time: two working days for pre-planned immediate loading.
  • Perfect fit. Digital design, CAD/CAM milled.
  • Cost of temporary abutments is eliminated.
  • All implants are interlocked with each other. Stronger, more rigid connection avoiding breakage during the integration period.
  • Improved quality of the temporary bridge so it can be used as an emergency bridge alongside the definitive bridge..
  • Transition connection of acrylic titanium over the gums. Ideal emergence profile for the temporary cylinders.

Would you like some more information about the Innodema Temp Bridge?

Contact Bruno Lambert, Sales & Marketing Manager.
+32 (0)477 701 770