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HeyGears 3D printing: Ultracraft Chairside HeyGears 3D printing: Ultracraft Chairside

Dental Labo Vanderbeken - official HeyGears dealer

Compact, light and user friendly

The ChairSide was designed for maximum usability.
User without any experience in 3D prining can learn this proces in only 5 minutes.

Effecient & flexible, accurate & consistent

Designs from individual cases, directly printed next to the chair

  • Quickly change applications
    Changeable capsuleprint & disposable platform for one-time use.
  • Trackable performance
  • Accurate detail restauration
  • Smart and powerful
    Update through HeyGears Cloud & strong computer power

Shorter duration of treatment

HeyGears Workflow | 2 days| vs Traditional workflow |>4 weeks |

One appliance for all applications

  • Implants (guides, temporary screw retained bridges, ...)
  • Vaste restauratie (voorlopige kroon of brug, inlay/only, individuele lepels, ...)
  • Orthodontie (studiemodel, indirect bonding tray, opbeetplaat, splint, retainer, night guard, ...)
  • Uitneembare restauraties (try-in prothese, volledige prothese)

'Wash & cure' in slechts enkele klikken

  • Automatisch geconfigureerd Washing programma
  • Verstuiving Wash Product
  • In 1 klik snel reinigen en drogen
  • Minimaal geluid & geen kruisbesmetting
  • Updates via HeyGears Cloud

Volledig verbonden workflow: one-stop printoplossing

  • Data verzameling (IOS scan)
  • Gevisualiseerde communicatie & HeyGears Design center
  • 3D printing, nabewerking & printresultaten
  • Klaar voor plaatsing


    Hulp & extra info

    Wij trainen & ondersteunen u graag bij het gebruik van deze 3Dprinter

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