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Digital prosthesis

Complete Digital Dentures, milled out of one blank with Ivotion Denture system by Ivoclar.
A new generation removable denture of the highest quality. Flexible solutions for your practice with our without intra oral scanner.

We process digital denture based on:

  • Classic impression and bite registration with base plates
  • Reliningimpressions with existing prothesis
  • Scanned by dentist with intra oral oral scanner
  • Scanned by Labo Vanderbeken with our labscanner
  • Digital try-in
    The complete prosthesis is digitally designed by software with extended toothlibrary.

    • A try-in is replaced by a try-in acrylic denture. This try-in a perfect copy of the final prosthesis. Fitting, function and line-up can be optimally judged.
    • If necessary it's possible to adjust the try-in in the practice or take another reliningimpression for a better fitting.

    Digital production

    • Milling of final prothesis:
      High quality, strong and biocompatible PMMA material, milled out of one blank. Possibility for milling a spare prosthesis.
    • Printing of immediate or temporary dentures.
      Cost-effective alternative for temporary solutions.
      3 tooth colors available. .


    Applicable with supra-denture and Ostend Bridge.

    Simplified workflow with intra oral scanner.

    Receive more information about intra oral scanning and digital impressions!

    Medit intra oral scanner